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  • Word Scramble Puzzles from News to Internet
    The history of our beloved word scramble puzzles is much the same as that of word find puzzles and other types of word games. Initially they gained popularity through the widespread medium of the newspaper, then they moved on to their own word scramble and word game books and finally they moved on to the personal computer and from there hopped onto the web as it too gained in popularity. Word scramble puzzles and other word games are popular be Read More...
  • Using a Free Baby Shower Word Scramble Game
    Finding baby shower games is often pretty easy if one has access to the internet. A fun and free baby shower game is a word scramble printed off the internet. There are many places to find a free template for the word scramble. A free baby shower word scramble game can be found on baby sites, pregnancy sites and party sites. A search engine search for free baby shower word scramble game will turn up plenty of results. Some place offer a temp Read More...
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
    Word of mouth marketing was actually the “greatest” tool of viral marketing long before the internet was invented and till this day, word of mouth marketing is still a great tool for online and offline businesses. Why? Well there are a few reasons why word of mouth marketing is extremely successful. One: A friend doesn’t give a sales pitch Two: A friend gives a recommendation from their personal experience Three: The friend hasn’t got a “wha Read More...